Yehat Rebels

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The Yehat Rebels are the Yehat Clans who decide to overthrow the Veep-Neep Queen if The Captain incites the Yehat Rebellion. They fight with the Royalists in the Yehat Rebellion and eventually manage to unseat the Queen from the High Perch. The Rebels are at a loss to find a suitable replacement until Braky Girdy the First, a Pkunk takes the High Perch to provide spiritual guidance and leadership. The reason for their rebellion into a two-thousand-year peace is due to their discovery of the survival of the Shofixti, who they were forced to abandon when the Shofixti made their last stand against the Ur-Quan. Upon seeing a Shofixti, the shame of their dishonorable retreat caused the shame to be unbearable, and so the only way to restore their honor would be to remove the dishonorable Queen and install one who would not force them against their allies and friends.

Known members of the Yehat Rebels include the following: