Yehat Rebels

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Yehat Ally.png

The Yehat Rebels are the Yehat Starship Clans who break allegiance to the Veep-Neep Queen if The Captain prove to them that the Shofixti race has survived. They fight against the Royalists in the Yehat Rebellion and eventually manage to unseat the Queen from the High Perch.

During the Ur-Quan Slave War, the Veep-Neep Queen ordered Yehat forces to abandon the Shofixti and the other Allies and defect to the Hierarchy in the mid 2130s. Upon seeing a Shofixti in the late 2150s, the shame of their dishonorable retreat became unbearable, so the Rebels resolve to restore their honor by removing the dishonorable Queen, ending two thousand years of peace amongst Yehat.

Known members of the Yehat Rebels include the following: