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This Wiki, the Ultronomicon, is intended for all information relating to The Ur-Quan Masters.

It is still very young, and much work still needs to be done. As is the Wiki way, it's up to you to make the Ultronomicon what it can be. So we encourage you to go ahead and start editing (after reading Editing Essentials).

The Spoiler Warning of Now and Forever

This wiki is full of spoilers. If you have not already played through The Ur-Quan Masters the information you learn here will likely ruin many of the surprises you will find in the game and possibly lessen your enjoyment of it. Safe pages do exist, but because they are significantly more rare than "unsafe" pages only the former will be marked. Spoiler content is therefore implied by the absence of a safe page advisement.

Spoiler-safe pages

These pages should be safe for people who are still playing the game for the first time.

Spoiler-unsafe pages

These pages may contain or link to information which you may not want to read when playing the game for the first time.