New Alliance of Free Stars

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The New Alliance of Free Stars is the usual name used to refer to the loose confederation of races,1 so named after the original Alliance of Free Stars, which is the driving force behind the defeat of the Ur-Quan during the second Doctrinal War, thus saving the galaxy from enslavement and destruction.

Were it not for the arrival of The Captain in a highly advanced Precursor starship in 2155, the New Alliance would have never been formed, and the Ur-Quan would likely completely dominate, if not eradicate, all life in the galaxy.

The New Alliance at the start consists merely of the roughly 2000 humans aboard the Earth Starbase and The Flagship. The Captain though quickly makes contact with and enlisted the aid a few of the old allies, a number of previously unknown races, and even a former enemy. Some races do not become official members of the New Alliance, but do contribute resources to The Captain's cause. The races of the confederation can include:

Alliance largely contingent on player actions.
Alliance unofficial -- They assist greatly and provide ships directly without sending the captains and ship plans necessary to construct their ships yourself.

The Umgah and Druuge can also provide some ships to the New Alliance under the proper circumstances, but ultimately end up as enemies.

Notes and references[edit]

1Note that the "New Alliance of Free Stars" is one of the choices of terms in the game for the confederation. Other choices are available: "The Concordance of Alien Nations", "The United Federation of Worlds", and "The Empire of {The Captain}" ("The Captain" is replaced with the captain's name).