Amplified Precursor Bomb

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Amplified Precursor Bomb aboard The Flagship.

The Amplified Precursor Bomb is module that can only be installed by the Chmmr after they have been freed from their slave shield, and after The Captain has obtained the Utwig Bomb. While the Utwig Bomb itself is quite destructive, unmodified it is insufficient to destroy the Sa-Matra. Therefore, the Chmmr amplify the bomb's destructive power with fragile crystal power boosters, directing The Flagship's own weapon power into the explosive device. Unfortunately the modification is permanent, and the crystal amplifiers and bomb occupy the ten rear module slots of The Flagship. Additionally, The Flagship's emergency Warp Escape Unit has to be removed to accommodate the amplified bomb. With help from the Chmmr technicians, the whole installation of the amplified bomb takes only two weeks.

The Amplified Precursor Bomb is necessary to destroy the Sa-Matra.