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What do you all think about changing the definition of this category a little to include all alien artifacts whether or not you can carry them on the Flagship? Yes, I know that's the definition used on the list of alien artifacts and I think that's fine for what list does (showing the image and location where the items can be obtained). But imho, the list and category don't necessarily have to agree - maybe a renaming of the list would help, like alien items, alien acquisitions or acquired items. That way we could include articles like the metachron, the sa-matra, or even the flagship in this category, and remove some entries like the syreen shuttle and moonbase that don't really fit the connotation of "artifacts" per se. The fact that categories and lists aren't the same could be used to cross-link even more information and to show different ways of grouping and organizing the articles. --Fyzixfighter 07:47, 11 Nov 2005 (CET)