Epsilon Camelopardalis

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Epsilon Camelopardalis is an orange dwarf star located at 593.7 : 393.7 near the edge of Ur-Quan space. The star system contains only two planets and one moon. When the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za defeated the Syreen, they led the entire Penetrator fleet to this star system to be stored in the Syreen Ship Vault on the moon of the first planet. Having been led in total sensor blackout, the Syreen captains did not know the star system's location, but were able to catch a glimpse of the orange-red sun and to determine that it was within 200 HyperSpace units of Betelgeuse. The star is in fact about 182 HyperSpace units from Betelgeuse.

The following is a list of planets and moons in the system: