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Famous Dungeons&Dragons illustrator, both criticized and acclaimed for his unusual, original style, the American Erol Otus also contributed to Star Control (I and II).

He drew several pieces of art for Star Control, including the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah and the Star Control manual illustrations, helped Toys for Bob in writing the dialogue for Star Control II (the Orz language was composed after some random notes he took on pieces of paper1), composed the original Ur-Quan Kzer-Za theme and voiced the Chmmr in the 3DO version.

He is the author of the UQM splash screen and a music remixer.

He also participated in the 2003 IRC chat with Toys for Bob under the nickname "eotus".

Notes and references[edit]

1From the 2003 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (fwiffo is Paul Reiche III, wimbli is Fred Ford):
<fwiffo> Meep-Eep: One important bit of work by Erol was a piece of paper with scrawled sentences, like "We are happy campers!" and "Jumping Peppers", from which the Orz 'language' evolved.

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