Grah (life-form)

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This article is about the alien life-form. For information on the Thraddash starship captain of the same name, see Grah.

The Grah were an alien life-form once native to Alpha Tauri I, but were driven to extinction by the Ilwrath. The Ilwrath had originally intended on using Humans in extravagant sacrificial ceremonies following the Ur-Quan Slave War; unfortunately Ur-Quan Slave Laws prevented such behavior. In order to maintain the level of death and torture established during the War, the Ilwrath were forced to resort to using the species native to their own homeworld as victims, the Grah being the most preferred victim. Despite the many ritual sacrifices, the Grah were carefully maintained on the brink of extinction. However, sometime before or during the year 2147 the supply of Grah was accidentally exhausted due to "a bureaucratic error" and the species became extinct. The extinction had a huge impact on Ilwrath society, leading to a decrease in "quality death in ceremony" and causing many Ilwrath to believe that their civilization was in decline. The extinction also contributed to the religious reformation in Ilwrath society that occurred in 2147, which resulted in the execution of the entire priest caste and in the practice of receiving the words of Dogar and Kazon on HyperWave Channel 44.