Jason MacBride

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Jason MacBride was a former used car salesman that has been credited as the founder of the Homo Deus cult, otherwise known as the "Godly Men." MacBride was able to amass great wealth and power by claiming that the Millennium was near - that on March 11, 2046, Heaven and Earth would join, and all of the "faithful" (presumably those that obey MacBride) would be elevated to "divine status." Whether that meant they would be as living gods, or something else, is not known. In the aftermath of the Small War, MacBride was able to recruit millions of poor, disillusioned, and impressionable followers.

MacBride and his "Godly Men" were also responsible for the Androsynth descending into pseudo-slavery. In fact, the nomenclature "Androsynth" was coined by MacBride himself, and was meant to mean "false men."

Predictably, the prophesized Millennium date came and went without any events of historical note. Having been proven wrong, MacBride's power and fortunes quickly collapsed beneath him, and he spent the rest of his life in obscurity. He would later blame the failed prophecy on a "lack of genuinely devout people."