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Lyncis is a eight-star constellation above Ur-Quan space on a HyperSpace Starmap. The Thraddash sent an ill-fated, long-range scouting team to explore these stars. The stars are also mentioned in an ancient wildlife handbook written thousands of years ago, the only clue Admiral ZEX gives The Captain to locate a hostile creature. The unknown alien author of the text calls the constellation "Linch-Nas-Ploh," which ZEX translates as meaning "the long, thin creature who has swallowed the huge beast."1

The following is a list of stars in the Lyncis constellation:

  • Alpha Lyncis (560.0 : 955.2)
  • Beta Lyncis (571.1 : 947.5)
  • Gamma Lyncis (578.1 : 971.1)
  • Delta Lyncis (570.4 : 979.5) - home to the VUX Beast
  • Epsilon Lyncis (532.9 : 953.8)
  • Zeta Lyncis (522.9 : 972.9)
  • Eta Lyncis (598.9 : 949.6)
  • Theta Lyncis (612.5 : 960.4)

Notes and references[edit]

1Appears as "the snake-like creature who has swallowed the elephantine beast" in the PC version.