New Alliance of Free Stars

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New Alliance of Free Stars
Star Control II Support Fleet.png
The Allied Fleet before the Final Mission.
Type: Military Alliance
Headquarters: Earth Starbase
Duration: 2155 February 17:
—Reactivation of Alliance
Members: (up to 13)
Ships: The Flagship with escort fleet

The New Alliance of Free Stars is the usual name1 used to refer to the loose confederation of races that fights against the Ur-Quan Hierarchy and the Ur-Quan Kohr-Ah in the Second Doctrinal Conflict. It is the continuation of the Alliance of Free Stars.


The Ur-Quan Slave War (CE 2098 to 2134) was a major galactic conflict between the Hierarchy of Battle Thralls and the Alliance of Free Stars that resulted in the decisive defeat of the Alliance. The Shofixti fought to their own extinction, the Arilou Lalee'lay vanished before the fighting was over, and the Yehat switched sides while the Chenjesu, Mmrnmhrm, Humans and Syreen were put under slave shields.

In the late stages of the war, the Human's Corridor Nine dispatched a top-secret scientific expedition to investigate Precursor artifacts on Unzervalt. Those Humans lost contact with Earth but managed to go unnoticed by the Hierarchy, and thus stood as the only free colony of any Alliance race. The Captain was born on Unzervalt around the end of the war, and in 2155 he piloted a newly built Precursor tugboat to Earth, where he came into contact with Commander Hayes aboard the Earth Starbase and learned of the fate of the old Alliance. At that point, they resurrected the coalition, choosing from four optional names: the New Alliance of Free Stars, The Concordance of Alien Nations, The United Federation of Worlds, or The Empire of {the name that Player 1 picks for The Captain}.

From its humble reincarnation, it was as a guerrilla army consisting of one Starbase, two ships, and 2,051 Human crew. The spirit of the Alliance had endured 20 years of subjugation as original members were keen to re-enlist, hitherto uncontacted worlds enlisted, and a pair of Battle Thralls were (possibly) persuaded to defect and fight to liberate our corner of the galaxy from Ur-Quan rule.

Command Structure[edit]


The Captain of The Flagship is the founder and leader of the New Alliance, taking charge of all exploration, foreign relations, military command, trade and resource gathering. Commander Hayes is in charge of the Earth Starbase and serves as the main liaison with Allied starship captains, as well as providing logistical support to the Captain. As other races join the Alliance, their leaders contribute to its missions, especially Fwiffo, the Spathi captain, Talana, Hayes' counterpart at the Syreen starbase, and Braky Girdy the First, Queen of the newly reunited Pkunk and Yehat.


The Earth Starbase serves as both the command and control centre for the New Alliance and as the support base for the The Flagship and its escort fleet. The crew consists of roughly 2000 Humans, under the leadership of Commander Hayes. When races formally join the Alliance, or seek contact with the Captain, they send delegations to the Starbase.


The Flagship

The Precursor tug constructed at Unzervalt becomes the The Flagship and beacon of hope of the New Alliance. Even with limited modules, it is able to hold it's own in battle and convince vanquished allies to rejoin the fight. It can carry up to ten Planet Landers that are vital to the Alliance for collecting resources and devices while exploring the surfaces of planets.

When the Flagship first calls at Earth, it is escorted by only the Tobermoon, the last of the Earthling Cruisers. As the Alliance grows, fifteen different ships become available for service in the fleet. Up to twelve ships at a time can escort the flagship and crew members can rotate between any of them.


There are 13 races who can be persuaded to join the coalition, but how many actually enlist is largely contingent on player actions. Just making contact with the Orz or Zoq-Fot-Pik will be enough for them to join; the same can be said for the Pkunk, but their ships will never be available for construction at the Starbase. To get the Shofixti or Syreen into the fold, the Captain will have to complete several complex objectives. Three other races will trade with the Captain, thus assisting the Alliance without actually joining.

Full Members[edit]

Alliance Members
Up to ten full members send delegations to the Earth Starbase, including captains and construction plans that enable their ships to be built for the Flagship's escort fleet. Commander Hayes will typically report this information to the Captain.
Chmmr liberated by the Alliance
Humans founded the New Alliance in 2155
Orz (optional member)
Shofixti help persuade the Yehat to join
Spathi defect to the Alliance and then to neutrality
Supox join concurrently with Utwig
Syreen the Alliance helps them restore their fleet
Thraddash (optional member) Battle Thralls who may be persuaded to defect
Utwig join concurrently with Supox
Zoq-Fot-Pik (optional member)

Associate Members[edit]

Associate Members
Up to three allies will assist greatly and provide ships directly to the escort fleet but will not make their ships available for construction at the Starbase.
Arilou visit the Starbase and outfit the Flagship to access QuasiSpace
Pkunk provide ships and information to the Alliance before re-joining the Yehat race
Yehat Rebels the Yehat are neutral towards the Alliance until The Captain starts the Revolution, after which Rebel ships join the escort fleet

Friendly Relations[edit]

Friendly Relations
One race trades enough technology and intelligence to the Captain to be considered supporters of the Alliance, but they never give any military or political support and do not become members.
Melnorme provide significant intelligence, technology upgrades and hyperscapce refuelling

Conditional Support[edit]

Conditional Support
A pair of races can provide some ships to the New Alliance under the proper circumstances, but ultimately end up as enemies and are never considered Allies..
Druuge trade relations exist until a battle over the Utwig bomb leads to a state of war
Umgah Battle Thralls who provide ships and resources after the Alliance liberates them from the Talking Pet

Notes and references[edit]

1Note that the "New Alliance of Free Stars" is one of the choices of terms in the game for the confederation. Other choices are available: "The Concordance of Alien Nations", "The United Federation of Worlds", and "The Empire of {The Captain}" ("The Captain" is replaced with the captain's name).