Procyon II

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Procyon II
Chenjesu Homeworld
Orbit: 7.04 a.u. Mass: 0.75 e.s.
Atmo: Vacuum Radius: 1.09 e.s.
Temp: -211° c Gravity: 0.63 g.
Weather: None Day: 1.11 days
Tectonics: Class 3 Tilt:
Sapphire World
No satellites

Procyon II is a Sapphire World notable for being the homeworld of the Chenjesu and of the hybrid race, the Chmmr. It is generally accepted that the Chenjesu evolved on this planet, drawing energy from the native mineral resources and the weak electromagnetic radiation that reaches the planet from its sun, Procyon. Following the defeat of the Alliance, the Ur-Quan slave-shielded both the Chenjesu and Mmrnmhrm on this planet. Once imprisoned on the planet, the two races began The Process that eventually produces the new Chmmr race.

After the player steals the Sun Device from the Mycon, the Ilwrath will occupy Procyon II. Until they are tricked into attacking the Thraddash, or until they are annihilated by the Kohr-Ah during the Death March, the planet will be guarded by a limitless amount of Avengers.

An abandoned Hierarchy Starbase orbits the planet.