The Safe Ones

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The Safe Ones
The Safe Ones.png

Race: Spathi
Type: Central Government
Status: Presumed Active

The Safe Ones are the leaders of the Spathi civilization located first on the moon of Spathiwa, and later on the planet itself. Any alien that wishes to enter into a dialogue with The Safe Ones must first provide the Secret Spathi Cypher, or be destroyed.

Little is actually known about the Spathi form of government or how one becomes a Safe One. It is known that The Safe Ones have the power to legislate, and to form interstellar alliances. They are also responsible for leaving behind the Umgah HyperWave Broadcaster for The Captain should the Spathi return to Spathiwa and erect a slave shield around the planet. The Safe Ones are alternatively known as the Spathi Ruling Council, the High Spathi Ruling Council, the High Ruling Council of Spathiwa, and the Spathi High Council.

They are known as The Safe Ones most likely because of the Spathi's natural extreme cowardice, wishing little more than to simply be safe for all of their lives.

When the Captain clears the Evil Ones from the surface of Spathiwa, The Safe Ones evasively claim that they will join his alliance as soon as they are all settled back home on Spathiwa. If he asks how long such a process will take, they respond "ten, fifteen years tops," never actually intending to join the New Alliance of Free Stars. However, threatened with unleashing the Evil Ones (which The Captain has in suspended animation), they accept eventually, sending delegates and ships to the Earth Starbase.