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Unlike Star Control, Star Control II did not have an in-game database similar to ComSim Central that showed additional images of the ships, graphs of their attributes, and occasionally humorous text. The 3DO version of Star Control II did have ship information videos featuring a rotating 3D model of the ship and description of the ship's capabilities. Some fans have therefore created ComSim-style images for the new ships that appear in Star Control II.

Created by VileRancour[edit]

VileRancour, also known as Ringwraith, created two sets of ComSim-style images. The first set, created under the name Ringwraith, uses shapshots from the 3DO ship information videos and 3D models created by other fans. The second set, this time as VileRancour on the UQM Forum, are completely original and done in the 8-bit style of the earlier ComSim images. This set also uses bar graphs for the ship attributes that more directly relates to the values that appear in the source code.

Based on 3D models[edit]

RW chmmr avatar databank.jpg RW druuge mauler databank.jpg RW kohrah marauder databank.jpg
RW melnorme trader databank.jpg RW orz nemesis databank.jpg RW pkunk fury databank.jpg
RW slylandro probe databank.jpg RW supox blade databank.jpg RW thraddash torch databank.jpg
RW utwig jugger databank.jpg RW zoqfot stinger databank.jpg

Original SC1 style[edit]

VileRancour chmmr avatar databank.png VileRancour druuge mauler databank.png VileRancour kohrah marauder databank.png
VileRancour melnorme trader databank.png VileRancour orz nemesis databank.png VileRancour pkunk fury databank.png
VileRancour slylandro probe databank.png VileRancour supox blade databank.png VileRancour thraddash torch databank.png
VileRancour utwig jugger databank.png VileRancour zoqfot stinger databank.png

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