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I just noticed something: Chimt/Chmmr similarity. They have similar names, and both can destroy a slave shield apparenty. I know that the Chmmr were created far afterward, but I can't help wonder if TFB did that on purpose. Gaeamil — 10:58 PM (MST) March 25 07

I don't think their names are that similar actually. As for destroying a slave shield, it's an interesting interpretation of "the veils fell", but slave-shields in this part of space seems to be a recent development, and the Chimt story reads as a creation myth. — SvdB 11:58, 26 March 2007 (CEST)

This might be something that only Toys for Bob can clear up for sure. It just clicked in my mind, noting the theory that the Utwig are somehow related to the Faz, that they were slave-shielded, and then the creation myth is considered to be part of that. Just something I was throwing out here.