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No, *not* the Mael-Num. Just the Ur-Quan. The Mael-Num are never mentioned doing anything until they say the Words.

Correction: I think it was written in the Sc2 role playing resource guide that the Mael-Num were indeed compelled also to destroy the Drall and the Yuli.

Could the Drall be the ancestors of the Orz? The both have gills and stuff. "Droll" means silly, the Orz are rather silly. "Drall" means "plump" in German, although I don't know if that helps.

Given the revelations concerning the origins of the Orz I highly doubt it (see "They" and Orz#The Orz are Them). Also, while they both may have gills, the rest of the descriptions are significantly different. It's an interesting coincidence (one that I hadn't noticed before), but probably just that and nothing more. --Fyzixfighter 04:58, 17 June 2007 (CEST)