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Well, the Slylandro only mention a single spaceship, but it's unlikely that:

  1. They would have gone en masse to tell the Slylandro of their departure
  2. Only so few Precursors would have gone wherever they went after discovering the Answer (whatever it was)

So, since it is possible that there were more than one spaceships, it would be speculation to include only the 1-starship possibility. Valaggar 17:24, 30 April 2007 (CEST)

Um, the fact that there was more than one ship is also speculation by that same argument - the fact of the matter is we don't know how many ships (or types of ships) they used in total. In cases like this, the canon statements should be given pre-eminence in the article. --Fyzixfighter 00:51, 1 May 2007 (CEST)
Actually, we know nothing about which ships the Precursors left in. We only know one of them visited the Slylandro in a great circular starship just before they left. — SvdB 14:34, 3 June 2007 (CEST)