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Please stick to the facts and clearly mark speculation as such. Where does "the Druuge provided a set of standard batteries as a power source" come from? -- SvdB 16:26, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)

There's a battery compartment in it. The battery compartment is a sign that the "high hopes" the research team had for the Glowing Rod are false. Therefore they are not magic Precursor batteries that last hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore they are probably ordinary batteries put there by the Druuge, indicating that the Glowing Rod is just an ordinary electrically powered light source.

Do you see how any one of these steps being different *requires* the interaction with the Starbase research team to be different? And that the reason that these things aren't spelled out isn't to give you real doubts about how the Glowing Rod works, but to increase the humor value of the flat statement that "they found a battery compartment" and how the humor depends on the fact that that phrase triggers the whole other set of associations?

Sigh. If you're going to be this absolutely literalist about saying nothing the script doesn't say, then what's the point of having an encyclopedia? Just let people read the script, as anything you do to organize or structure or rephrase things will be an "interpretation".