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I know it's been kind of slow lately, but what do people think about expanding this list to include also short summaries of the information items that that Melnorme sell. I'm not sure the exact layout. We could have four sections: technology, current events, alien races, historical data. Or we could have 2 sections and 3 subsections under info, something like:

  • Technology
  • Information
    • Current events
    • Alien races
    • Historical data

I like the latter the most since it somewhat parallels the conversation tree with the melnorme and lets us put cost (like the 75 credits for all information) in the section, rather than three redundant times in each subsection. One reason why this list, even in its current state, is useful is that it shows the order in which the tech is purchased. Since lots of the information isn't just flavor text, but can affect gameplay (like opening up the egg case fragment branch in the Syreen conversation tree). We could also move the fuel cost (and maybe the rescue service) to the top since it's so short and doesn't warrant its own section. Thoughts, objections, other commentary before I attempt such a thing? --Fyzixfighter 20:15, 20 June 2008 (CEST)

G'day Fyzix, I've been moving at sub-glacial speed on things but interested as always. I agree about the 2 sections and 3 subsections. That's a really good point about the effect on gameplay, and the rearrangement is nice too.

Another thing which might be interesting but which probably isn't for this page is a list of all the bits of information which one gathers throughout the game. Some of them one needs (such as the gameplay-enabling ones, and the location of the Sa-Matra), and some of them one doesn't really (like locations of the rainbow worlds). They also vary respecting how many sources you can learn them from. We already have a List of alien artifacts, a list of intel (not sure what to call it) could be quite interesting I think. Something one learns enables progression in the game, so it's like the devices but not tangible. I can easily see this idea being turned down, for one thing it could be difficult to determine what makes the list. --Zeracles 10:21, 21 June 2008 (CEST)