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What is the point of this list? All the coordinates are approximate numbers anyhow. Now of a list of Star Systems I could see the use, and if we had something like that, then they could use that for whatever this one can be used too. -- SvdB 09:40, 24 Mar 2005 (CET)

Coordinate corrections[edit]

You had an excellent point SvdB. I also found the approximate coordinate to be annoying. I've decided to put in the exact coordinates for individual stars, and the exact coordinates for the Alpha stars for each constellation. It took a long while and I don't feel it is complete, but I figure it's a start. I then split the list because I felt that the individual stars should stand alone, since they are not necessarily constellations and having 1 next to them seemed a little silly, IMO. I could be wrong. I was thinking that the list could be expanded to include the rest of the stars for each constellation either on this page or by actually creating the constellation pages and placing the Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc. stars there. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I also thought it would help to have the color of the stars next to them, so that you'd have a slightly better idea of what that star looks like. Perhaps this doesn't belong on this page, with just the Alpha stars coordinates listed. I haven't added the colors to the Alpha stars because I need a break after all that coordinate lookup, and I'm still hesitant about whether star colors belong on the constellation page.

naming convention[edit]

Was it ever discussed which name should be used to refer to the constellations? That is to say, do we always use the nominative form of the latin names, as opposed to the genitive conjugation of the latin names that appear (with a few exceptions) for the constellations on the starmap? If not, let me ask it now - what's the opinion? --Fyzixfighter 04:51, 15 Nov 2005 (CET)

Slightly spoilerish[edit]

Can this page be said to be totaly spoiler free? The fact that one is linked to the appropriate page for each constelation causes constelation of interest to be blue, others are red.

That's a fair statement, yes. However, this page is defined as spoiler free because it doesn't give away any important game plots. Most links are red simply because we haven't gotten around to writing an article on the constellation in question. Some constellations are blue but aren't exactly what I'd call a constellation of interest: take a look at Wolf, for example. Nothing in there of note. However, we're trying for completeness. In time, all links in this list will be blue. --Phoenix (t) 14:13, 25 Nov 2005 (CET)
I second the spoiler-free request, having just started playing and needing just a simple list of star systems to save my poor hands. :) I'm going to start adding stubs to all of the missing systems. -- Chris