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Sorry about that[edit]

I didn't mean to step on your toes by removing those broken links. I thought that they were mistakes. Keep up the good work. --Cosumel 14:05, 30 Oct 2005 (CET)


Fair enough. I only started doing that when I saw Io with a "missing" image link.

I'll stop doing it.

Delta Lyncis[edit]

Good idea on the change in wording for Delta Lyncis. I didn't think it through when I was saying "this is what you have to do."

SC1 and SC3[edit]

Assertion 1: Ur-quan masters equivalent of Star Control II. Assertion 2: Star Control I and Star Control III are in existence. Assertion 3: Full knowledge of Star Control requires full knowledge of series. Assertion 4: Database identified as Ultronomicon deals exclusively with Ur-quan Masters. Conclusion A: Star Control databases must include information on Star Control I and Star Control III. Conclusion B: Database identified as Ultronomicon is incomplete. Query: Unit identified as Phoenix directed to either affirm or negate this argument.