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  • Pluto is the lowest-gravity planet in the game; it costs only 0.1 Fuel units to land there.
  • Alpha Gorno III is the highest-gravity explorable planet in the game; it costs 3 Fuel units to land there. It would cost 3.4 Fuel, but the game clamps lander fuel consumption at 3.
    • That clamp hardly seems necessary, since no planets significantly exceed it.
  • Zeeman Prime-Ia is the hottest explorable world in the game, at 4995 degrees. However, that hardly matters, since the game treats all planets hotter than 800 degrees the same.
  • Beta Cephei I is the richest mineral world, with 5728 RUs.
  • Three worlds (Zeta Scorpii IXa, Beta Volantis Ib, and Zeta Corvi Va) tie for the most bioData value, worth 7560 RUs.
  • But Delta Centauri IIa, which has both lots of bioData and Radioactives is actually the most valuable planet, with a value of 8520 RUs.
  • 36 worlds with minerals have a net zero or negative profit without lander improvements (the lander fuel costs as much or more than the minerals retrieved).
  • Alpha Illuminati I has the largest volume of minerals, requiring at least 13 (unimproved) lander trips to clear.
  • Zeta Krueger II seems like a fairly nice world, with minerals worth 1514 RUs. But it'll cost you at least 480 RUs in fuel to get them off the planet without lander improvements.
  • Alpha Camelopardalis II and Alpha Geminorum Ia tie for the most hazardous planet; both have class 8 tectonics, class 8 thermal, and class 7 weather. Ouch.
  • Gamma Aquilae II only has class 8 tectonics and class 4 weather, but you also get to fight fungal squid while dodging the quakes and lightning.
  • About 17.3% of explorable worlds have life. --Elestan 02:14, 2 July 2011 (UTC)


  • "Why minRUs and not totalRUs or just RUs?"
    • It's to match with minVolume, and because my spreadsheet also has bioRUs (at 40 RUs/data unit) and totalRUs (which adds bioRUs and minRUs). But those were calculated columns, and I didn't include them in the wiki table. --Elestan 02:04, 2 July 2011 (UTC)