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Intercepting planets[edit]

Although the page says that the nose of the ship has to hit the center of the planet, with 0.5.0 I can actually hit the planet with the middle of the ship (turn the ship 90 degrees from the direction of movement to give as large a "hit zone" as possible)

Out of fuel[edit]

In the latest UrQuan Masters (sourceforge port) I only need to run out of fuel in hyperspace and the guy who sells tech and buys bio will come find me. A galactic equivelant to the Auto Association.

Star gravity[edit]

This article states that if you leave a planet close to a star, you will be "whipped" by gravity. However, as fas as I can tell, the stars are just mere background effects.

Hmm, I hadn't caught this before. Yes, I believe you are correct - I've never seen any deflection of my path as I pass near the star. Perhaps the original editor was referring to the illusion of the flagship appearing to travel faster at that highest zoom level, which they may have originally thought was due to the stars gravity. Pending correction from someone more familiar with the code, I'll adjust that sentence. --Fyzixfighter 03:52, 26 January 2008 (CET)