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Rock chipper[edit]

Apparently, a rock chipper is: "The rock chipper is a heavy weight with 5 sharp edged cylindrical cups, which are filled with wax before each deployment. The rock chipper is deployed vertically from the ship and lowered until it crashes into the seafloor. Upon contact, the sharp edged cups fragment the rocks on the seafloor and the resulting small fragments get embedded in the wax."

See here

Well that's one kind of rock chipper. I'm wondering if there are other kinds, perhaps something like a wood or tree chipper, which could be much more dangerous (ever see "Fargo"?). From what I can see, in the construction business a rock chipper is a type of tool like a jackhammer or boring device. People have even been crushed by them, so they're pretty sizable machines ( I'll email my brother (who used to do landscaping) to see if he can clear this up for me. --Fyzixfighter 03:55, 21 June 2007 (CEST)