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I think the reference to The Captain losing his virginity is hilarious. There's no evidence in the PC version that he has any orgasms, let alone his first orgasm, but the general tone of this wiki is sober enough and family-friendly enough that a lone non-canon joke about orgasms won't hurt anyone. Let's face it--the last time kids too young to be reading about orgasms were playing this game was when the game first came out, in the early 90s. By now all the Starcon fans are more than old enough to get the joke.


While that may be true, I have younger siblings that play this game and have been known to check this site. Also, we removed the "Syreen hand job" comment long ago, and IMO this is the same vein. We can give the same information without "trying to be funny." There's enough humor in the game that we don't need to try to add to it. --Fyzixfighter 01:02, 11 May 2007 (CEST)