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is there any help with the 3do sound/voice? call me dumb, but i am somewhat savvy when it comes to figuring this kinda stuff out even without an extensive background but i cannot get this to work. any helpers? i have the .uqm packages for both voice and sound, what do i do with them? thanks in advance.

Is your question specific to the Wii port? If not, this may help. In any case, you might have better luck posing this question here or here. Cheers --Zeracles 19:48, 14 August 2010 (UTC)

The download links from this page and the project page have been down for months. Has anybody got a backup?

 --added alternate link.  should work for now.

I searched for it on the WiiBrew page for it- - but the direct link doesn't work either. I did, however, discover it is available on the Homebrew Browser menu. That version of the game doesn't seem to have the SVN speech pack(there's no audio to dialogue in the game at all), though everything else is fine. You can get the Homebrew Browser here- and find The Ur-Quan Masters by scrolling FAR down into the Games menu. Then it should just be a matter of reading the files on your computer, which I haven't done myself out of sheer laziness. Hope this helps!