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Documentation for {{mineral}}


Wherever a mineral type is mentioned, this template will display it with correctly colored text alongside the appropriate icon.


|type           = A code for the mineral type; can be a single digit 1-8 representing common-exotic or the first three letters of the type (e.g COM, EXO)
|size           = (Optional) Can be used to add a size prefix.  Should be passed the text (e.g. Huge, Medium)
|multi          = (Optional) Adds a "×n" after the mineral type to indicate "n" number of deposits 


1 or COM = Common
2 or COR = Corrosive
3 or BAS = Base Metal
4 or NOB = Noble Gas
5 or RAR = Rare Earth
6 or PRE = Precious
7 or RAD = Radioactive
8 or EXO = Exotic