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Infobox for planets, replacing {{PlanetBox}}.


{{planet infobox
|name        = Name of planet
|local name  = Another name of planet, if different from its star map name (optional)
|image       = Image of planet, just the filename
|customimage = In case there is a need for full image syntax, use this (optional)
|caption     = Image caption (optional)
|species     = The species that lives here
|ishomeworld = Whether it is the homeworld for the above species (default: no)
|star        = Name of star it orbits (optional)
|orbit       = Orbit in AU
|mass        = Mass in e.s.
|atmo        = Atmosphere
|radius      = Radius
|temp        = Temperature
|gravity     = Gravity
|weather     = Weather (default: None)
|day         = Day length
|tectonics   = Tectonics (default: None)
|tilt        = Tilt
|map         = Map filename, just filename. (optional)
|type        = Type of world
|satellites  = List of satellites (optional)