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Documentation for {{species infobox}}


For species infoboxes, to replace {{RaceBox}}.


{{species infobox
|name          = Name of species
|image         = Image (optional)
|caption       = (optional)
|homeworld     = Name of homeworld (optional)
|hwcoords      = Coordinates of homeworld (optional)
|spcoords      = Centre of their space (at beginning of game) (optional)
|spradius      = Radius in HyperSpace points of their space (at beginning of game) (optional)
|allegiance    = Their natural in the game, i.e. what side they are likely to end up on in the game
                 a = New Alliance of Free Stars
                 u = Ur-Quan Hierarchy
                 i = Independent (i.e. none of the above)
|member of     = Organisations they are and/or can be member of; a more descriptive version of
                 the field above (optional)
|ship          = Their main ship (optional)