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The Creators are the unknown designers and constructors of the Mycon race. Some reliable sources claim that the Creators are in fact the Precursors, the only known race capable of the advanced level of the technology that the Mycon represent.1 That the Mycon even have creators is only known from information provided by the Umgah. Based on their studies of a dead Mycon, the Umgah concluded that the Mycon race were not the product of natural evolution, but were created to be "multi-purpose biological tools." However, the Umgah were unable to determine the identity or motivations of the unknown creators. Except for a common anonymity, there is no evidence as of yet linking the Creators to the unknown alien race responsible for the Mmrnmhrm and their Mother-Ark.

The Mycon themselves offer up few clues on this subject. In conversation, the Mycon only mention the Creators once, stating that "[w]hen Juffo-Wup is complete...when at last there is no Void or Non...when the Creators return...then we can finally rest" (emphasis added). Occasionally a Mycon, instead of being overcome by the memories of a predecessor, speaks in a different voice, as if quoting fragments of overheard sentences from the Creators. These quotes all relate to the design, programming, and implementation of the artificial Mycon race. One quote even repeats a command to a "planetary transformer biot," possibly the Creators' original name for the Mycon.

Possible quotes[edit]

  • "...incorporation of dense amphibole fibers ensure survival in environmental extremes..."
  • "...entry of noise into the signal is unavoidable. We must include a filtering mechanism..."
  • "...Survival is a priority. Expansion is a priority. Processing is a priority..."
  • "...look... think... act... look... learn... remember... teach... repeat..." 2
  • "... planetary transformer biot 94-18: take your place at the transporter dais..." 3
  • "...the system requires more energy. A convenient source lies beneath the crust..."

Notes and references[edit]

1From the 1998 IRC chat with Toys for Bob (Fwiffo is both Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III here):
<_Stilgar> <Etherea|> Fwiffo: Were the Mycon in your mind simply the insane fungus rewriting the memories of the sentient Deep Children like in SC3? They gave them a stupid religious fanatic look, IHO, which seemed too simple for the potential they had in SC2... what was your idea of the Mycon?
<Fwiffo> The Mycon were biological tools of the Precursors. They had been programmed for terraforming, but when the Precursors vanished, the Mycons were left unattended. Over the following millenia, their programs drifted, forming the worship of Juffo-Wup.
2In the PC version this quote is "...look... think... act... look... learn... remember... teach...look... think..."
3In the PC version this quote is "... planetary transformer biot 94-18: take your place at the dais..."