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This is the list of frequently asked questions (with answers) for the The Ur-Quan Masters Forum.

Please make sure that your question isn't in here before you ask it in the forum. We're happy to help, but we don't like answering the same questions over and over.

The game doesn't work as it should.[edit]

See the The Ur-Quan Masters Technical FAQ.

How do I make the game behave differently?[edit]

See the The Ur-Quan Masters Technical FAQ.

Where are my saved games stored?[edit]

See this section in the The Ur-Quan Masters Technical FAQ.

How do use the 3DO videos in the game?[edit]

See this section in the The Ur-Quan Masters Technical FAQ.

I need help playing the game.[edit]

See the Star Control II Gameplay FAQ (spoilers).

I have a question about the UQM project itself.[edit]

See the The Ur-Quan Masters Project FAQ.

When is the next/final release?[edit]

That's hard to predict. The developers all work on the game in their spare time, and the amount of spare time is known to vary. If you want to run the cutting-edge developer version and you have the skills, you could get the source code from the Subversion repository and build it yourself (the module name is "sc2"). Subversion snapshots can be found here. On the same page precompiled Windows binaries are available. Nic maintains unofficial MacOS X snapshots (with extra patches).

I've got this super-cool idea for the game[edit]

Great! Let us know when you have finished it. The source is open, so everyone can make a spin-off. But don't expect your changes to be included in the official version; it will remain true to the original. See here for the goals of the UQM project. Also, don't expect anyone else to do the work for you.

Wouldn't it be cool if UQM would run on my favorite game console/PDA/telephone/microwave?[edit]

People who own the same device would probably agree. If you're looking to put together a team with whom to make it a reality, you may want to announce that on the forum. Don't expect anyone else to do the work for you though. Some third party ports are already underway.

Where do I get the source code for the original PC version/original 3DO version?[edit]

You won't find them anywhere, because they were never released--and in fact the source for the original PC version was lost. What was released to the public was a version of the 3DO code that had been modified to run on Windows.

What about The Ur-Quan Masters in my own language?[edit]

There are a number of translation projects ongoing (link). If you want to start a new project, please announce it on the forum so people won't do double work. You may also find others who want to help there.

How do the various versions of Star Control II differ?[edit]

See Version Comparison.

What are these abbreviations people are using?[edit]

See our list of Abbreviations.