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We've recently had a lot of spam on the Ultronomicon, even though mediawiki nowadays uses nofollow tags (which means search engines won't index the pages they link to).

Because of this, a new countermeasure has been installed. When an anonymous user edits a page, he/she will have to check a checkbox to indicate that his/her submission does not contain spam and authorize retributive actions as found on this page (see below) if the submission contains spam anyhow.

This additional checkbox will break spamming scrips, which means that a spammer will have to modify them to make an exception for the Ultronomicon. If he/she is prepared to do so, even if it means he/she has to authorize anyone to perform the Retributive actions mentioned below, he/she will hopefully notice the above text about "nofollow" and realise it is wasted effort.

Retributive actions[edit]

Retributive actions that may be performed by anyone, as authorised by the submitter of spam by checking the appropriate checkbox on a submission page:

  • publication of any personal details, including but not limited to the name, address, telephone number, and photo of the spam submitter.
  • gaining access to the spam submitter's computer(s) and destroying his/her data thereon, bypassing protective measures if needed.
  • making copies of (parts of) said data with the purpose of gaining information on the spam submitter's identity and/or spamming activities.
  • shutting down or slowing down network access of the spam submitter by means of a denial of service (DoS) attack.