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I intentionally didn't place any links, as there are so many dependencies, direct and indirect, and it wouldn't be fair to name just a few and not the rest. The project is not just built on the libraries that are directly included, but also everything that is used in the project. We've got SDL, SDL_image, libpng, zlib, libogg, libvorbis, NSIS. And then there's the bugzilla database, running on xs-httpd, with MySQL, and Perl, on FreeBSD. There's php for the forum. There's MediaWiki for the Ultronomicon, with its own range of dependencies. There's MinGW for the daily snapshots. And then there's SourceForge for hosting our stuff. Sure, some are more important than others, but if you mention just one, you're placing it above all the others. If we're naming projects, we should name all of them, and describe for what they are used, so that the reader can decide which projects he wants to stimulate or reward.

Though you can argue about whether the forum and the daily snapshots are really part of the project. (The Ultronomicon too, but as this is an Ultronomicon page, it would make sense to mention it). — SvdB 08:04, 22 December 2005 (CET)

I understand how you want to discourage favoritism, but being vague about who to donate to isn't going to help matters either. The user can't be expected to root through the project's dependencies and find donation links by themselves. We should do this for them, and the links I posted were the beginning of such an attempt. I think the only proper way to go about this is to list all dependencies with descriptions, as mentioned.
-Fadookie 06:46, 27 December 2005 (CET)