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I'm a Star Control fan from back in the day! I remember playing the original in all it's clory on a friend's first computer! ( I think it was a 386, with a smokin EGA, pretty sure it had all of 256k of video memeory built right in! But that was a very long time ago and my memory of those details is not as accurate as I'd prefer. :D ) When SC2 came along, and I had a computer of my own to enjoy it on, I was hooked instantly by the adventure and challenge of saving the universe from destruction.

I used to get an urge to play SC2 once in a whie, but that's no easy feat with today's OS and hardware issues with the game. The last time I was out hunting around for an easier way to play my old retro games (who remembers Lucasfilm games?!) I made two very important discoveries! One was a free Dos emulator that runs nicely on my computer, and the other was! No longer do I need to spend days configuring and tweaking an emulator to play one of my favourite classic games!!

I really like the idea of this wiki and the fact that anyone can contribute to it. When my spare time allows, I'll be adding my tidbits of info (and perhaps insight?) where I hope it might prove useful.

--Chimmera 19:32, 15 May 2005 (CEST)