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Starbox is an attempt at presenting each star system and its planets in a standardized format.
Deemed excessive, it was decided it would only be used for the Sol system, for now.


{{StarBox|Star Name|Star Color|Star Size|Number of Planets in system| PlanentLine parameters}}


Color: Yellow
Size: Medium

Name Type Temp. (°c) Weather Tectonic Gravity (g.) Moons
Mercury Metal (Metallic) 165 0 3 0.37 0
Venus Primordial 457 8 2 0.90 0
Earth Water 22 2 2 1.00 1
Mars Dust -53 2 2 0.38 0
Jupiter Gas Giant -143 8 0 2.68 4
Saturn Gas Giant -197 8 0 1.22 1
Uranus Gas Giant -117 8 0 0.86 0
Neptune Gas Giant -229 8 0 1.10 1
Pluto Pellucid -235 0 1 0.05 0

Possibilities for Expansion[edit]

  • It is possible to add columns for total bio points and RUs on each planet.
  • It is possible to include the moons of each planet within the table, since they contain the same data.
  • It is possible to include a column for Special item/encounter ... like a checkbox (Y/N).


  • Unless someone knows of a way to dynamically link N number of template entries, as in PlanetDataForN, this template is severely limited by requiring a number of statically created "helper" templates for systems with {0, 1, 2, ..., N} number of planets. I do not know enough wiki to know if the equivalent of a for-loop or something similar exists.
  • A solution to the preceding limitation is likely pointless, aside from personal curiosity, since creating a page for every star system within the game was seen as filling the Ultronomicon with potentially useless data.

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