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Timewarp Contributions[edit]

youBastrd! is a developer on the TimeWarp project. Specifically, he has contributed to the following:

  • The Timewarp project's organisation, including moving the project to a CVS codebase to aid in collaberation and efficient distrubuted development. More recently, TW-Light uses SVN hosted on Berlios.
  • Bugfixes, some GUI code
  • Other organisational stuff that is interesting, needed, and time-consuming, but difficult to summarize (admining forum, pushing project to use the GPL, design work, promotional stuff).
  • Future contributions may include gametype code and a more intutive GUI, or, you know, whatever else is needed at the time.

Other Tidbits[edit]

  • The term youBastrd! started when playing the game Master Of Orion 2. During the alien dialogs in MOO2, they always quote your name in this very diplomatic text. It just looked entertaining to see them call you a name in the middle of trying kiss up to you.
  • youBastrd! is normally abbreviated yB!
  • youBastrd! is a huge fan of the game Enemy Territory, which is a World War 2 themed first person shooter.

Real-world Stuff[edit]

youBastrd! in known in meat-space as Paul Forest. He is a J2EE programmer in Toronto, and is an active member of the Toronto Chapter of the IGDA. He can be contacted here.