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I am fourshade. I have created several fundamental pages on this wiki as an anon (most of which were SiS modules), many years ago. Now I am back...though the wiki won't let me edit my own user page, for whatever reason.

Doesn't matter...I'll still add whatever I can to this add to the forever-growing UQM wiki. Eventually we may even get that SC4...(and I mean a WORTHY SC4, not some half-baked shit from the "wonderful" people who brought us SC3)

G'day there. There's an anti-spam measure that prevents users from creating new pages if their account is younger than 7 days, but I started your user page, hopefully you'll be able to edit it. Nice going on the earlier stuff, feel free to check out the forums as well, cheers. --Zeracles (talk) 07:54, 3 February 2013 (CET)