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  1. Remove the Star Control II facts and Influences and references links.
  2. Split the Star Control series in the following subsections: Games (SC1, SC2, SCNot3, SC sequel, SC derivatives), People (FF, PR3, TFB, SC2 credits — PC, 3DO —, SC credits — page needs creation —, Precursors Remixing Team), Trivia (Discrepancies in the Star Control universe, Game Humor, Influences and References, Mysteries left by Star Control II, Original Star Control II Bugs, References to Star Control in other works, Star Control II facts) — alternatively, make Trivia an entry under Games, and make it link to a page named Trivia, which is to contain all those pages —, FAQs (Hoaxes and Rumours FAQ and the other FAQs).
  3. Make "Dimensions" link to Dimension.
  4. Add Inter-Dimensional Fatigue under Dimensions.
  5. Replace "Ships" with "Ships, The Flagship, Sa-Matra"
  6. Add List of Melnorme trade goods under Questing (also, the name "Questing" doesn't really fit this one and the List of Flagship modules, but I have no idea what to change it to; maybe we should work out another classification for the Gaming helps part)
  7. Add List of stars, List of constellations, List of Places of Interest, Spoiler-Free Star Map somewhere (maybe under Exploration). Valaggar 10:27, 30 March 2008 (CEST)

(re SC community) It's recently come to our attention (as announced on the PNF) that there exists a livejournal community. I've only looked deeply enough to see for myself that it exists, but I think we should be as inclusive as possible. Complicating matters is the implied presence of not one but multiple such livejournal communities, so I'm not sure what the best way to link to them is. Maybe, as in that post, the way would be to link to this search.

(re main page) should we maintain the ``It is still very young, and much work still needs to be done."? While I think that much work could be done, many would say that it has good info on most things SC. I certainly wouldn't call this wiki very young. It seems to be maturing. --Zeracles 04:39, 11 April 2008 (CEST)