Awkky Birdy

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Awkky Birdy is an old and respected Pkunk well known for his prophetic dreams and visions. One of these dreams dealt directly with The Captain and the quest to fix the Ultron. In this dream, given to him by his spirit guide Bosco, Awkky Birdy is surrounded by several amorous Pkunk females. The females rush and swarm over him, and just before he passes out, he is shown the Clear Spindle, the Rosy Sphere, and the Aqua Helix all spinning around the image of the Ultron. At the height of the dream, Awkky Birdy yells out "Draconis," apparently referring to the location of the Aqua Helix. This dream has become the envy of several other Pkunk.

On occasion it is possible to encounter a Pkunk Fury whose captain has a similar name "Awwky," though it is doubtful that this is the old Pkunk seer.