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'''Biological Data''' or '''BioUnits''' are obtained from the analysis of certain [[List of bio types|organisms]], usually those captured by [[Planet Lander]]s on a planet or moon's surface. While Commander [[Hayes]] states that such a "search for abstract knowledge" is of little worth given the current conflict, the biological information is of value to the [[Melnorme]], who will trade two [[Interstar Credits]] for every unit of biological data.
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The [[Umgah]], biological fanatics themselves, give [[The Captain]] five hundred units of biological data as part of a reward for freeing them from the psychic control of the [[Talking Pet (device)|neo-Dnyarri]]. The [[Slylandro]] also traded biological data from [[Source]] to the Melnorme for 10,000 Credits, which they in turn used to purchase their first [[Probe]].
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