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*Planet VIII - [[List of planet types#Magnetic|Magnetic World]]
*Planet VIII - [[List of planet types#Magnetic|Magnetic World]]
[[Category:Stars|Vulpeculae, E]]
[[Category:Stars|Vulpeculae, G]]

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Eta Vulpeculae is a green dwarf located at 358.7 : 256.6 in the Vulpeculae constellation. The Androsynth, after fleeing Earth in 2085, adopted this star system as their home star and established a colony on the second planet. Sometime around 2115, the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za invaded the local space and conquered this star system and the Androsynth in a matter of weeks. The star system itself contains eight planets and a single moon.

The Orz, who occupy the local stars following the Androsynth's disappearance, show no special interest in the star system.

The following is a list of planets and moons in this star system: