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Utwig Homeworld
Orbit: 1.74 a.u. Mass: 1.29 e.s.
Atmo: 2.00 atm Radius: 1.07 e.s.
Temp: 35° c Gravity: 1.12 g.
Weather: Class 2 Day: 0.70 days
Tectonics: Class 2 Tilt:

Fahz is the Utwig's name for their homeworld of Beta Aquarii I. At least part of this Water World is covered by a swamp-like region that the Utwig refer to as the "Murky Bog," from which the Chimt emerged. The Utwig also mention "vast sky canopies" that were charateristic of their homeworld at this early point in their history. Since the Utwig do not go into detail, it is unclear whether this a reference to some kind of massive rainforest on the planet's surface or to something else. The Kohr-Ah were heading for the Utwig homeworld, but changed course before actually reaching the planet in order to renew the Doctrinal Conflict with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za.

Some have speculated that this name may be linked with the Faz, an ancient race of the Sentient Milieu.[1][2]