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Translating Orz speech is problematic at best. The Orz sense of reality is likely completely different from ours. Even the most sophisticated and powerful translators can't fully process its bizarre alien language, having to use many lingual best-fits in conversation. These are marked in text by surrounding the word with asterisks (*). It is possible that all words that appear in (*) can have more than just one meaning. Some of these words seem surprisingly good best-fits, like *sorry* and *friends*, but it is possible that they actually mean something completely different.

  • *above* — where the Arilou come from, QuasiSpace
  • *become* — obscure. Seemingly related to a deep change in the nature of a being.
  • *below* — where Orz comes from
  • *bright* — mentioned together with *smooth*. Some sort of quality the Orz like at TrueSpace/HyperSpace. Seemingly opposite of *hurt*.
  • *camper* — An individual or species that is liked, or allied with by Orz? — "*Campers* may go to the Taalo *playground*." — "Happy *campers* are the best." It could be that only "Happy" signifies the alliance. Could also be any non-immortal creature, as 'camper' tends to mean one who stays temporarily and moves on, thus signifying that the Orz are/is immortal.
  • *color* — reality phase?
  • *cousin* — other Orz(-like) entities, other IDF races or other *fingers*.
  • *dance* — combat — "I am *frumple*. It is *dancing*."
  • *dessert* — possibly the opposite of *(special) sauce*; something the Orz "use"/"eat" together with friendly beings.
  • *dissolving* — destroying a ship, dying
  • *fat* — important, serious "These are *fat* words."
  • *fingers* — an "individual" Orz; see *many bubbles*
  • *frumple* — to become, or the state of being angry or sad or violent — "Do not ask about [the Androsynth]. You make me *frumple*."
  • *game* — the action being done presently or the way things should go like (?).
  • *germinate* — thrive? Orz reproduction? being happy?
  • *GO! GO!* — space marines
  • *happy spices* — seemingly *Jumping Peppers!* with less intensity.
  • *heavy space* — Adjective for TrueSpace, *heavy* is also used. — "These are best for letting go near *heavy space* planet bodies." An example of universe/dimensional differences.
  • *house* — Gamma Vulpeculae I.
  • *hurt* — Seemingly opposite of *bright* and *smooth*. Something the Orz don't like at "the other place" (*below*?).
  • **HYUIVBHJHG** — the form of travel used by Orz/IDF races.
  • *juice*/*squeezing the juice* — obscure. It is something relating to when the Orz are angry (or *frumple* as they call it) that they do to calm down: "It is always! Nnnnggaaahhhhh! There is *juice squeezing* and then we are not so *frumple*."
  • *juicy* — Not related to *juice*. Appetizing?
  • *Jumping Peppers!*/Jumping *peppers*!! — obscure. Resembles an exclamation of (extreme) happiness. Seemingly *happy spices* with more intensity.
  • *level* — dimension.
  • *lumpy* — mentioned together with *round*. Something the Orz don't like at being *frumple*.
  • *many bubbles*/*bubbles* — the numerous distinct individuals of a species, or possibly organic cells or even atomic particles — "Orz are not *many bubbles*", Orz is "one with many *fingers*.
  • *new town* — new/previously unknown universe/dimension
  • *open* — advance your mind/understanding/technology
  • *other* — two possible meanings: the opponent of Orz in combat and a neutral alien
  • *party* — alliance? conversation? opportunities for *dancing*? If *dance* means combat or battle, then *party* may mean war. Party may refer to something far more sinister/extreme that humans cannot understand yet. Orz refer to parties a lot, signifying its importance. It seems that it is somehow related to *campers* and may be the reason they are here in our dimension. They say, "We can not have *parties* when Arilou always *jumping in front*." Just as we cannot fully understand the Orz words/ideas, they may have misinterpreted our word "alliance" to mean something else. However, they allow you to build their ships, give you pilots and once explicitly speak of an "alliance".
  • *people energy* — a characteristic of the Orz.
  • *picnic* — something similar to a *party*
  • *pieces* — a unit of time. "Six or nine *pieces* ago, myself the Orz did not even *smell* your *level*."
  • *playground* — Orz gives the coordinates of Delta Vulpeculae as the location of *playground*. The significance of this star system to Orz is unknown, although it is inside the general area that they occupy. Also, Delta Vulpeculae IIc is the location of the Taalo Shield and the former homeworld of the Taalo, possibly giving the Taalo some significance. The Taalo may have changed space there, making it a good space for *sliding*. Something with a significant amount of gravity.
  • *quick time* — An example of differences between universes/dimensions. "We can have extra fun for future *parties* in *quick time*"
  • *relatives* — allies
  • *round* — mentioned together with *lumpy*. Some sort of characteristic (negative or positive) of being *frumple*.
  • *sad animal* — one who is disliked by the Orz?
  • *sauce* — related to *juice*. *sauce* is apparently better than *juice* in some way, plus the Orz seem to aquire *sauce* through killing. "After the *dancing*, Orz think you will make good *special sauce*. Maybe even for other Orz *party*." It would seem this is likely to be something sinister.
  • *sick* — used when the Orz are about to attack, presumably "doing something wrong?" "You are *sick* for the last time."
  • *silly cow* — one who annoys the Orz, *silly* is often used independently to mean annoying — "First the VUX, but they are such *silly cows* ... they ask so much about the Androsynth we must *dance* with them." It is important to note that Orz will attack *silly cows* on sight.
  • *slide* — dimensional travel. Some interesting quotes using this: "*Happy campers* not going to *heavy space* *slide* near Chandrasekhar. Especially not ever! These are *fat* words." "Arilou can *slide*. Also Taalo." "Finally we find you, the *happy campers* and the Taalo *playground* for sliding through." The Chandrasekhar *slide* is the naturally occuring QuasiSpace portal.
  • *slippery places* — dimensional portals, usually formed with IDF
  • *slow time* — An example of differences between universes/dimensions. "It is not fun on the surface in *slow time*"
  • *smell* — perceive in some unknown way/from another dimension. Also being used by the Arilou.
  • *smooth* — mentioned together with *bright*. Some sort of quality the Orz like at TrueSpace/HyperSpace. Seemingly opposite of *hurt*.
  • *spit* — talk
  • *spread the wax* — become able to move between dimensions (i.e. remove the *sticky*-ness), most likely
  • *squishy* — good, goodness
  • *sticky* — unable to move between dimensions.
  • *suprising toys* — secret weapons? "Do you want to see our suprising toys? NO! Do not!" could also mean their true existance, i.e., the sight of an extra-dimensional being could very well destroy a creature's mind, thus you do not want to see their surprising toys.
  • *the middle* — not *above* or *below*, between *above* and *below*?, this dimension (ie, TrueSpace or HyperSpace)?