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Why the corporation fire the employee not provide a wage cuts? The killing labour not only seems to be unethical (which is eartling point of view) but also unpractical (air, sun etc. cost the corporation nothing, and the employee could always be employed in some kind of work which would profit more then food (s)he eat) from the point of view of goverment.

Well, it was mainly a way by which the game designers could emphasize just how cruel the Druuge are. In-universe, I suppose it could be explained by saying that the Druuge suffer from over-population, or that they think that the threat of death has more motivational power than the threat of decreasing one's wage.
And, by the way, Ultronomicon talk pages are for talk about how the articles could be improved, not about the subject of the articles. Try the UQM Forums. You're also likely to get many more replies there, too. :) Valaggar 14:43, 16 January 2008 (CET)