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There's a couple of things about this table that we're going to have trouble with. First off is the weapon names. The majority of the names that we are sure about come from the SC1 images and the SC1 and SC2 manuals, and few come from ingame dialog. Then there are those that have no real names that I know of. The only source that I can't check personally is the 3DO game (didn't have some kind of 3D rotation ship preview?) and the code itself. Some of the names that I can't find or confirm are:

  • Spathi primary - called a small missile in SC1 manual, weak forward firing gun in SC2 manual
  • Supox primary - I think Sprout Gun is a fan name, but don't know
  • Chmmr primary - where did the "Terawatt Laser" name come from?

Some of the others look like descriptive names, like the Slylandro and the ZFP weapons and others. We might have to make sure to include references in the article (not my first choice) or here on the talk page for some of the controversial ones.

Then there's the problem of formatting. This table is extremely hard to read. It neads borders, perhaps just horizontal lines between each ship. Some of the columns need center alignment (the numbers in particular) and more spacing so the text in adjacent cells won't seem to run together. And some of the notes/descriptions need to be cut down to manageable snippets. Any other thoughts? --Fyzixfighter 07:33, 28 March 2007 (CEST)

Where does it say that the ZoqFot "spit" gun is an antimatter weapon? Valaggar 15:18, 28 March 2007 (CEST)