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Is this the same thing as the Utwig Bomb? Which one should actually be the article?

It's the same thing. Both terms are used in the game. It's made by the Precursors, but you got it from the Utwig. I'm voting for keeping Precursor Bomb and making "Utwig Bomb" redirect to it. - SvdB 19:32, 6 Oct 2004 (CEST)
But there is so much more content under Utwig Bomb. If you want to do the cut and paste, you're welcome to it. Technically it should be the Precursor/Utwig/Chmmmr Bomb, but that's quite cumbersome. What is the item called in game in your inventory?
Oh, I didn't realise a page for Utwig Bomb already existed. They should be made one page yes. The item seems to be called 'Utwig Bomb' when in your inventory, and 'Amplified Precursor Bomb' when installed. I suspect this is because at the time you acquire the bomb, you don't have to know that it is a precursor device. "Precursor Bomb" seems to be more accurate though. But as "Utwig Bomb" is used as the name of the device when in your inventory, that may be clearer to people. Either is fine with me, but the one that is not chosen should link to the other. - SvdB 22:36, 6 Oct 2004 (CEST)