The Words

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When the two Ur-Quan subspecies freed themselves from Dnyarri slavery, the Green Ur-Quan formulated their Path of Now and Forever, dictating that all non-Ur-Quan sentience must be enslaved to prevent the appearance of other Dnyarri-like threats to the safety of the Ur-Quan.

The Black Ur-Quan did not agree, and a charismatic fleet officer named Kohr-Ah proposed an alternative, the Eternal Doctrine — that all races besides the Ur-Quan are "filth" which may evolve into threats and therefore must be annihilated beforehand.

The Words

The Kohr-Ah proceeded to apply their Doctrine on the Mael-Num, who broadcasted a simple, yet moving plea - "Hold! What you are doing to us is wrong! Why do you do this thing?", which was to be remembered in history as the Words. The Kohr-Ah felt compelled to explain, thus giving time to the Kzer-Za to arrive and contest their actions. Someone opened fire, and the Ur-Quan civil war (Doctrinal Conflict) began. Meanwhile, the Mael-Num escaped.

To this date, the Kzer-Za and the Kohr-Ah still feel compelled to explain their motives to anyone saying the Words, though the Kohr-Ah reaction is far greater — the Kzer-Za only present an abstract of the whole story.

Gameplay notes

Sources of information

The Words are available as a conversation option after being learned from either the Ariloulaleelay (by asking "Can you give us any more information?" for the second time), The Safe Ones (by asking "Have there been any developments of significance?" for the third time) or the Pkunk (by asking them "I am still having a little trouble defeating the Ur-Quan. Any advice?"), the latter presenting them in a slightly different way - "Hold! Why do you do this! What you are doing is wrong!".

Relevance to the plot

The Words have no effect on gameplay, but are an alternate way of learning the backstory of the Ur-Quan besides asking the Melnorme for "historical data".