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A human settlement on Unzervalt.

Unzervalt is a planet in the Vela system. The name "Unzervalt" was given by its Human colonists; this meant "our world", likely originating from the German "unser Welt". Captain I. Burton of the Star Control Cruiser Tobermoon took refuge here after escaping a Hierarchy attack during the First War, discovering a massive Precursor installation hidden beneath the planet's surface. She later returned leading a Corridor 9-sponsored science mission to attempt to salvage the ruins; when the mission was recalled and the Tobermoon called back into combat service with the disastrous Alliance defeat at Rigel, most of the expedition remained behind to oversee the reconstruction of the station and the creation of the Vindicator.

The Captain was born on Unzervalt, and it was he who discovered how to operate the facility and the Precursor starship. An expeditionary force was assembled for a voyage back to Earth. Star Control II picks up when The Captain arrives at Sol with his flagship.