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To-do list

  • Make articles for the wanted pages.
  • Create some articles that should be and are not:
  • Solve TODOs
  • Add disambiguation pages (by looking at pages from All Pages and inserting all other possible names for the articles, including names mentioned only there, such as "King-Killing Horn").

Funniest Ultronomicon Edits

  • "There is also a theory involving cows. More specifically, Ortogs. In SC3, (I know, it isn't often recognized as a sequel) the Xchaggers, a minuture race are found on an Ortog. Now, how did he get all the way to the Kessari Quadrant? The Ultron, also in SC3, uses the term "Cud" at one point. Cud, of course, is chewed by cows, and, presumably, Ortogs. The Ultron IS a powerful Precursor device, but not as powerful as they claim. I, and my brother, believe that the Precursors did not disappear, leave, become invisible, get killed, eaten, etc, but instead removed their own sentience and became Ortogs. After all, were you not raised on Ortog milk? Makes sense to me."